Thank You Tanzania

Thank You Tanzania Movie Poster

The greatest natural resource we have on the planet are the minds and hearts of our children. Thank You Tanzania follows the intrepid journey of a Canadian family which embarks on an adventure, with the intention to celebrate and honour childhood spirit, in a part of the world, ravished by AIDS, that is deprived of joy and play. The film's director Sarina Condello (Canadian performing artist and arts educator) along with her three teenagers facilitate a summer arts camp for the children of rural Tanzania. The three teens, Kyra, Quentin and Teya, all black belts in Tae Kwando, act as camp counsellors by facilitating a white belt program for the orphans at The Olive Branch Orphanage. Joining forces with Kihumbe, a Tanzanian dance and circus troupe, the newly formed ensemble travels throughout rural Tanzania teaching and creating with over 1,000 children at an orphanage, village and children's prison. Thank You Tanzania illustrates how one family transforms, evolves and discovers a deep sense of gratitude through the act of giving. The newly formed friendships, lessons and experiences they develop with the kind, resilient and generous people of Tanzania change their world forever. $12/$8 students/seniors.

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