Territories (2008)

Territories (2008) Movie Poster
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1h 4m | Documentary

Palestinians form a procession around the coffin of a child killed by Israeli bullets. These are territories in dispute.

In Mexico, Mennonite communities resist modernity and retain their culture of peace and spirituality—territories of the soul. Nonetheless, drought and globalization force them into poverty and migration—territories as land.

Impassible walls and fences are built to separate people—forbidden territories.

Larry Towell, through his photographs, captures reality with a personal approach, a sense of poetry, and even mysticism, that does not undermine the journalist's rigor and curiosity—territories of creation.

Back home, the photographer works to reveal the beauty of his own universe: the farm, the family, a winding river in southwestern Ontario. A testimony of the precious and the sacred—territories of refuge.

Towell's curiosity may guide him sometimes to the heart of conflicts, but his works express a particular sense of intimacy. More than a war photographer, Towell considers himself a family photographer. This documentary reveals the artist and the man through his photographic work and his open meditations on life and the creative process.

Director: Mary Ellen Davis
Studio: Filmoption International
Producer(s): Yanick Létourneau
Writer(s): Mary Ellen Davis
Official Site: www.maryellendavis.net/eng_b01.htm

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