Tequila Sunrise

For his first directorial project in six years, Robert Towne selected a timeworn romantic-triangle yarn, injecting the material with subtlety and conviction. Tequila Sunrise stars Mel Gibson and Kurt Russell as two lifelong friends who, in true James Cagney-Pat O'Brien fashion, grow up on the opposite sides of the law.

One is a retired drug dealer (at least he says he is), the other a celebrity cop. Both fall in love with gorgeous restaurateur Michelle Pfeiffer.

Veteran movie buffs will enjoy spotting director Budd Boetticher as a judge, and will welcome the presence in the production credits of cinematographer Conrad Hall, who earned an Oscar nomination for his richly textured color camerawork.

Director: Robert Towne
Producer(s): Thom Mount
Cast: Ann Magnuson, Michelle Pfeiffer, Arliss Howard, Mel Gibson, Kurt Russell, J.T. Walsh, Gabriel Damon, Arye Gross
Writer(s): Robert Towne
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