Tamala 2010: A Punk Cat in Space

Tamala 2010: A Punk Cat in Space Movie Poster
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1h 32m | Sci-Fi/Fantasy

In the parallel universe of the "Feline Galaxy," Tamala, a small cat, leaves her home and makes her way towards Orion, hoping to unravel the secret of her past. Forced to land her spaceship on Planet Q, where dogs and cats live in a state of perpetual war, she meets a gentle cat named Michelangelo who is attracted by her frankness and audacity.

But the couple is suddenly surprised by a sadistic dog that devours Tamala right in front of her horrified companion. However, a corporative entity, Catty&Co., mysteriously arrives and raises the effigy of Tamala everywhere.

Michelangelo gets visited by a dead-alive cat, who tells him the destiny of Tamala, strangely related to the all-powerful Catty&Co, which is really a front for an obscure religious cult.

Director: t.o.L. (Trees of Life)
Studio: American Cinematheque
Producer(s): t.o.L. (Trees of Life)
Writer(s): t.o.L. (Trees of Life)
Official Site: www.tamala2010.com

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