Tableau Ferraille

Tableau Ferraille Movie Poster

A young man returns to his Senegalese fishing village after studying political science in Europe and eagerly sets about launching a political career for himself in the capital city of Dakar. First Daam (played by singer Ismael Lo) marries the beautiful Gagnesiri (Ndeye Fatou Ndaw).

She proves to be a devoted wife, but unfortunately she is unable to have children. Needing an heir in order to further his political career, Daam marries Kine (Ndeye Bineta Diop). This second wife bears him a child but proves to be more interested in furthering her ambitions than motherhood.

As Daam becomes more politically prominent, Kine becomes increasingly greedy and demanding. When Daam cannot provide the luxury she craves, she sneaks off to a crooked village businessman known as the President, a man with a grudge against Daam, and illegally provides him with important information.

As a result of her treachery, the President becomes more powerful, and Daam's career is destroyed. With no hope of wealth, Kine leaves him. Fortunately, loyal, loving Gagnesiri awaits the fallen Daam's return. Unfortunately, even her good love is not enough to save him from his shame, and she is eventually left with a difficult choice.

Director: Moussa Sene Absa

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