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User review rating: 1 August 12, 2019

I suppose this film was supposed to be a comedy but I never laughed even once. There were about four other people in the theatre who didn't laugh either through the entire film. When the lights came on everyone kind of left in silence with nothing to think about and wondering how a film like this got made. The acting seemed faked and forced and the premise of the story was silly and not believable. This film was definitely the worst bomb of 2019 I have seen. I recommend to skip this one-even if you are bored and just want to see anything. Lion King any one?

User review rating: 2 July 31, 2019

Meh, it was ok but the premise of the story was a bit absurd and not believable. I did laugh at a few places but I found the humor rather dated. If a film like this had come out in the 1980's it might have been original enough to capture the audience but Sword of Trust is more like something one might expect to see on a 90's sitcom and is not worth spending nine dollars to go see.

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