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Sugar Mountain - Offficial Trailer

484 Views | 1:29 | Uploaded on Dec 07, 2016

In the gripping premiere trailer for Sugar Mountain, Miles (Drew Roy), Lauren (Haley Webb), and Liam (Shane Coffey) are sitting in a bar minding their business when local thug Joe Bright (Jason Momoa) aggressively approaches them under the guise of friendship. The three are visibly shaken, because they are in fact not friends at all — Miles actually owes Joe a lot of money, and the thug is looking to be paid back pronto.

Clearly in need of cash, Miles mentions a man who once "made a killing" after getting stuck under a rock and cutting off his arm, and strikes up an idea. Miles informs his friends that he will go "missing" in the Alaskan mountains for 10 days after a fight with Liam, which he believes will land them a massive insurance pay day. However, a clever cop named Jim Huxley (Cary Elwes) begins to question the truth behind the "disappearance."

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