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On DVD/VOD: January 25, 2011

1h 38m | Drama

Things couldn't be going better for street dancer Carly Nichola Burley). She's in love with charismatic boyfriend Jay (Ukweli Roach) and their dance crew has just made it through to the finals of the UK Street Dance Championships. But everything changes when Jay walks out on Carly and the crew, breaking her heart and leaving the street dancers' dreams in jeopardy.

Thrown into the deep end, Carly struggles to prove to the crew—and to herself—that she can lead them to victory. Salvation comes in the unlikely shape of ballet schoolmistress Helena (Charlotte Rampling). Impressed by the skill and enthusiasm of Carly and her troupe, she strikes the street dancers a deal: they can practise in the Ballet Academy's luxurious dance studio in return for collaborating with her ballet dancers. Helena hopes Carly can inject some of the street dancers' intensity and passion into her young charges before they audition for The Royal Ballet.

A clash of cultures ensues. After years of classical training, the ballet dancers are horrified at the crew's slouchy style, while Carly is increasingly exasperated at their uptight aloofness. Eventually, and despite themselves, the ballet dancers begin to feel a grudging respect for the street dancers' spectacular moves. And, in the process, Carly can't help falling for handsome ballet dancer Tomas. Will the two groups of dancers find a way to work together before the Street Dance Championship finals, and the Royal Ballet auditions?

Director: Dania Pasquini, Max Giwa
Studio: BBC Films
Writer(s): Jane English
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