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Before leaving Brazil, Frankie Page (Patricia Arquette) gets her hands on the local priests' rosary beads. After arriving back into the States, she begins to show signs of stigmata, the five wounds of Christ. Whenever a miracle occurs, the Vatican sends a Jesuit priest named Andrew Kiernan (Gabriel Byrne) to investigate its authenticity.

Doctors believe the wounds are being caused by self-mutilation but the priest believes otherwise. Her ranting and raving finally begins to make sense to the priest who starts to question what his religion has stood for the last 1900 years.

Director: Rupert Wainwright
Studio: MGM/UA
Producer(s): Frank Mancuso Jr.
Cast: Gabriel Byrne, Patricia Arquette, Jonathan Pryce, Nia Long
Writer(s): Tom Lararus, Rick Ramage
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