Step by Step

Ben, 19, is admitted to a rehabilitation center following a reckless dive into a pool. Thanks to the benevolent nurses, the young man gradually manages to move his head, his fingers, his arms and his legs. He’s finally able to get around in a wheelchair and fraternize with other patients, including a charming and mocking young woman, who remains discreet about the reasons for her presence at the center.

As the months pass, Ben gets more and more mobility, thanks to the hard work of his physiotherapist. But the young man loses his motivation when the head doctor tells him that despite his progress, he’ll have to give up his dream of becoming a professional basketball player or even a sports coach.

Director: Grand Corps Malade, Mehdi Idir
Studio: MK2 - Mile End
Producer(s): Eric Altmeyer, Jean-Rachid , Nicolas Altmeyer
Cast: Pablo Pauly, Soufiane Guerrab, Moussa Mansaly, Naila Harzoune, Franck Falise, Yannick Renier
Writer(s): Grand Corps Malade, Fadette Drouard

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