Stand Off

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On DVD/VOD: March 26, 2013

R | 1h 29m | Action/Adventure, Drama, Thriller

Jimbo Regan (Martin McCann) lives in Belfast and owes money to a local mobster named Mad Dog Flynn (David O'Hara). To try to raise funds to pay off his debt, Jimbo unwisely tries roulette and loses even more money. When Flynn tells him to pay up by the weekend or lose his infant son and girlfriend, Jimbo robs a fish market called Whole Lotta Sole, in a misguided attempt to get money. Unbeknownst to Jimbo, Flynn happens to own Whole Lotta Sole as well.

Jimbo goes on the run with his son and winds up in a local antique shop, where he takes hostages. Coincidentally, the man who runs the shop is an American named Joe Maguire (Brendan Fraser), who may be Jimbo's biological father. Surrounded by the police, Special Air Service officers, and the mobsters, Jimbo has to find a way out of his precarious predicament.

Director: Terry George
Studio: Ketchup Entertainment
Producer(s): David Gorder, Jay Russell, Simon Bosanquet, Terry George
Cast: Brendan Fraser, Colm Meaney, Martin McCann, Yaya Alafia, David O'Hara
Writer(s): Thomas Gallagher, Terry George

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