St-Henri, the 26th of August

St-Henri, the 26th of August Movie Poster
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1h 25m | Documentary

It's the first day of school. With a group of 16 filmmakers, Shannon Walsh chronicles life over a 24-hour period in a Montreal neighbourhood that finds itself in the midst of massive changes. Gentrification has come to St-Henri and a more affluent population has moved in near the Lachine Canal. But much of the community is still immersed in daily strugges. Jobs disappeared when the factories closed, and the imposing husks of old industrial buildings remain, a reminder of area's industrial past. A new community has emerged, and the residents of St-Henri are an eclectic collection of characters where people from all walks of life live side by side, yet often remain invisible to one other. A colourful mosaic of contemporary Quebec, St-Henri is a place where neighbourhood living remains a reality, a true sense of community endures—and, in between alleys, rail lines and empty lots, kids are kings. Following a number of different characters over the course of the day, Shannon Walsh takes the pulse of an urban space that finds itself in the midst of transformation, yet still deeply anchored to its vibrant, working class past.

Director: Shannon Walsh
Studio: National Film Board of Canada
Writer(s): Shannon Walsh
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