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23m | Documentary

SOUVENIRS is a trio of short films constructed as dialogues between the archival record of the City of Winnipeg, and the selected memories of citizens who have lived, worked, suffered and celebrated here. Together, these films sift through the accumulated layers of history, experience and identity of a place which we, collectively, call home. SAND AND STONE digs up the history of hard labour and concretized elements embedded in the urban landscape—the workers who sweated its surfaces and shapes, and the primary materials they used to construct a city. WATERMARKS travels along the emotional currents evoked by the experience of flooding in the lives of city dwellers, and looks for the physical imprints left behind after the waters recede. WAITING FOR THE PARADE transforms the 75th anniversary celebration of Winnipeg in 1948 into a discourse on the city's shifting identities through decades of progress and regress, cynicism and hope.

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