South of the Moon

South of the Moon Movie Poster

Twelve-year-old Coleman Hawkins, an Anglo boy of Irish descent, is at the cusp of his sexual awakening. The only child of a loveless marriage, he lives with his parents in a small town outside Montreal. Haunted at night by a mysterious woman and distracted during school hours by his beautiful classmate, Alexa, Coleman turns to his Uncle Matt for advice and direction.

But Matt Hawkins, an eccentric hard-drinking musician, has his own demons to deal with and Coleman's constant questions trigger vivid memories of lost love and a tormented past.

When Coleman is presented with a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to go to Vancouver to train with the Canadian Olympic Swin Team, the decision becomes the catalyst that brings the past into a direct collision course with the present.

Studio: Stargaze Pictures
Producer(s): Antonio DiVerdis, David Rigby, Rosina Bucci
Cast: John Ralston, Jake McLeod, Moya O'Connell, Daniel Richard Giverin, Larry Day, Jayne Heitmeyer
Writer(s): Stephen Ryder
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