Soul Masters: Dr. Guo and Dr. Sha

Soul Masters: Dr. Guo and Dr. Sha Movie Poster

In China, it is said that Dr. Guo can cure the incurable. When his representative in the West, Dr. Sha, heals her ailing father, American filmmaker Sande Zeig follows his return to China to visit his mentor.

At Dr. Guo's clinic, she captures first-ever footage of breakthrough medical practices involving herbal medicine, fire massage and self-healing techniques. Dr. Sha returns to the States and his teachings spread across North America and Europe. Expanding on Dr. Guo's work, he teaches people the revolutionary discovery that binds these two Soul Masters: everything has a soul, and the soul can heal.

Director: Sande Zeig
Studio: 926363 Ontario
Producer(s): Sande Zeig
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