Sons of Norway

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1h 28m | Comedy, Drama

It's 1978 and 14-year-old Nikolas is living an idyllic existence with his young brother and his archetypal, politicized hippie parents, the energetic Magnus (Sven Nordin) and the angelic Lone (Sonja Richter). When Lone is killed in a car accident, Magnus falls into a deep depression.

Nikolas has nowhere to turn until his best friend proudly slaps his latest purchase on the turntable: The Sex Pistols' Never Mind the Bollocks... Soon enough, Nikolas finds a new use for safety pins and buys a guitar. The real rub comes when his father partially snaps out of his depression. Instead of disciplining Nikolas, Magnus encourages him. It may be hard to rebel, but it's even tougher when your father is listening to the same records as you.

Director: Jens Lien
Producer(s): Antoine Simkine, Bo Erhardt, Christer Nillsen, Christian Fredrik Martin, Maja Dyekjær, Tomas Eskilsson
Cast: Åsmund Høeg, Sven Nordin, Sonja Richter, Tony Veisle Skarpsmo, John Lydon
Writer(s): Nikolaj Frobenius

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