Songs She Wrote About People She Knows

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1h 20m | Comedy, Musical

In this unlikely comedy, timid office worker Carol (Arabella Bushnell) uses music as a way of articulating her feelings about the people around her. As part of her art-therapy, she begins to send out pop songs that entail her (mostly negative) feelings about her friends and co-workers.

While most are outraged and even take out restraining orders, her boss (Brad Dryborough) takes her criticism to heart and decides to quit his job and live his dream of being a rock star. He takes her on a tour along the West Coast, using her music to touch the hearts of the people they meet.

Director: Kris Elgstrand
Studio: Blue Car Films
Producer(s): Amy Belling, Kris Elgstrand, Thea Grivakes
Cast: Arabella Bushnell, Brad Dryborough, Ross Smith
Writer(s): Kris Elgstrand
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