Snake River

Snake River Movie Poster

Set in 1867, Jacob (Milton Bruchanski) is haunted by the atrocities of the Civil War and loses himself in the wild country known as Snake River. It is there that he stumbles into the life of Mya (Kimberley Raqmpersad), a widowed freed slave, who is also trying to make a new life for herself and young son in this harsh and demanding countryside.

Mya reluctantly tends to Jacobs wounds, as she deals with her own past. As Jacob heals, Mya opens up to him and they find that their pasts are intertwined. Together they find peace, if only for a short time.

As Snake River is at the end of the trail, their haunting memories do catch up with them and change their lives forever.

Director: Joe Novak
Cast: Milton Bruchanski, Kimberley Rampersad

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