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1h 34m | Comedy, Drama

When a handsome young biology teacher, Andre, arrives in a small mountain village from Tirane, he has no idea how central the slogans set up around town are to local politics. The young teacher realizes quickly that the principal activity of each class, and for both teacher and pupil, consists of bringing technical assistance to the installation of slogans dictated by the consulting professors. These slogans, made up of stones and painfully aligned bricks from the mountainside, are used to promote the ideology of the Communist Party. Pretty soon he is embroiled in a series of incidents which move fluidly between comedy and tragedy.

Director: Gjergj Xhuvani
Producer(s): Anne-Dominique Toussaint, Pascal Judelewicz
Cast: Artur Gorishti, Luiza Xhuvani, Agim Qirjaqi
Writer(s): Alicka Ylljet, Yves Hanchar

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