Shot in Bombay

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1h 36m | Documentary

A fast-paced, feature-length documentary which goes beyond the tinselly glamour of Bollywood to expose the industry's rather less alluring underbelly.

The Mumbai film industry has long been rumoured to be associated with crime syndicates and the connection was publicly established when in December 2006 one of India's superstars, Sanjay Dutt, was convicted of possessing firearms which were linked to India's 9/11 -- the day in 1993 when Mumbai suffered 13 terrorist bomb blasts in the space of two hours.

Shot In Bombay is an exposé of not only 'by-the-seat-of-your-pants' movie-making in Mumbai, but also of a booming metropolis where filmmaking is the biggest business in town. It shows us what life is like for all involved, from the stars to the stuntmen. Along the way, this documentary also touches on the wider questions facing Mumbai's citizens: what rights do suspected criminals have and does the justice system favour the rich? The director, Liz Merminn is a London-based filmmaker from New York specializing in offbeat social-issue documentaries on international topics.

Director: Liz Mermin
Studio: Little Bird

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