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3.37 / 5

User rating: 3.37

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  • User rating: 3.37 25.93%
  • User rating: 3.37 22.22%
  • User rating: 3.37 14.81%
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User review rating: 4 January 10, 2013

Difficult to watch at times, but overall a disturbing and interesting film about addiction. Fassbender giveds anotehr strong performance.

User review rating: 2 August 25, 2012

just an ok movie about a pervert..

User review rating: 2 May 11, 2012

this was a very long and boring movie. sadly it didn't have a good storyline! though the actor did play his part pretty well...

User review rating: 0 April 19, 2012

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User review rating: 2 March 30, 2012

michael fassbender's hotness kept my eyes on the film. way too much focus on sex in each scene, it became tiresome after an 1 hour.

User review rating: 2 January 29, 2012

holy long pauses and awkward moments, batman!!!

User review rating: 5 January 17, 2012

michael fassbender's performance will hold up as one of the greatest of our generation.

User review rating: 5 January 12, 2012

Great performance by Fastbender:he could win the Academy Award for his portrayal of this tortured soul. There was no light in this film and this man, with so much potential, is doomed to repeat his quest for sexual fullfilment with no hope of understanding himself. The ending was depressing showing that all his stuggles to fing meaning in his life have been for nothing. To see him ogling the same married woman on the subway at the end was truly depressing. It doomed me to hours of depression after I left the movie theatre.

User review rating: 2 January 07, 2012

ifound this movie to be quite boring and tedious to watch. Not a movie I would recommend.

User review rating: 2 December 19, 2011

Very slow-moving story. Little is done to explain why the main character is as cold as he is, and also why his sister is so troubled.

User review rating: 0 December 19, 2011

The only word that sums up watching this film is boring. There was no intrigue,suspense,or eroticism.

User review rating: 3 December 18, 2011

It felt like a long, boring foreign film.

User review rating: 2 December 15, 2011

Very Dark Movie, definitely not a movie to go on for a first date.....too depressing....won't be watching this again....

User review rating: 4 December 14, 2011

Takes some time to get into the way Steve McQueen directs but Michael Fassbender's performance was beyond amazing.

User review rating: 2 December 12, 2011

extremely uncomfortable to watch, very depressing subject, scenes shot too graphic, could be more tasteful not to the point of real porn-very long scenes and very detailed with nudity, genitalia exposed,lots of "postures"- basically that overshadows the whole theme of a tortured pervetted "sick" soul, very aware of his weakness being a sex addict and not being able to sustain a normal relationship... Point made clearly; however the expressing it is through the means of a porn movie and the line is crossed multiple times. could be a documentary for sex addiction -so raw, real and detailed but I cannot enjoy watching it, do not take it as 'art' and will never want to see it again...Feel for Fa

User review rating: 2 December 08, 2011

Very heavy, sort of depressing film. Vasted my money and energy. Too much porn scenes.

User review rating: 3 December 05, 2011

Definitely an interesting story. Drawing alot of buzz at the moment due to the birthday suit content and all, and there's been a fair number of contests/promotional offerings for screenings and such.

User review rating: 5 November 09, 2011

Carey does a remarkable performance!

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