Shackleton's Antarctic Adventure

Shackleton's Antarctic Adventure Movie Poster

Shackleton's Antarctic Adventure is a thrilling re-creation, chronicling the actions of ordinary men in extraordinary circumstances. Sir Ernest Shackleton and his 27-member crew set off to map the Antarctic in 1915. Trapped in a freak cold snap for almost 2 years, they watched as their ship, Endurance, was squeezed to death in arctic pack ice and then, with minimal equipment sailed hundreds of miles for help.

Their true adventures are chronicled in original photography, and in modern re-creations underscoring the pluck and the character of Ernest Shackleton, whose actions inspired many. His story, presented in the immersive film splendor of IMAX, will make your blood run cold while it moves you to stand up and cheer.

Narrated by Kevin Spacey.
Director: George Butler
Writer(s): Mose Richards, Crystal V. Spijer

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