Sex and the Other Man

Sex and the Other Man Movie Poster
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R | Comedy, Drama

In this twisted black comedy, blackmailer Billy has chosen the son-in-law of a prominent business man to become his meal-ticket -- but first he must lure Arthur into his trap. For some time, Billy has known that Arthur has had a thing for Billy's lover Jessica.

Lately Billy and Jessica have had troubles in the boudoir, and no matter how many games they play or fantasies they enact, Bill just can't seem to get sufficiently aroused. One night he decides to go out rather than spend another futile night entertaining Jessica. She ends up inviting Arthur over for some fun.

As soon as he arrives she is at him like a pitbull on a pot roast. She has just finished ripping his clothing off when Billy steps in and shoots an incriminating Polaroid. While the embarrassed Arthur apologizes, Billy ties him up and then demands a large sum of money in exchange for silence.

To ensure he gets it, Billy decides to leave Arthur tied up for the entire weekend. Suddenly, Billy finds himself terribly excited by his captive audience and proceeds to make frequent and vigorous love to Jessica while poor Arthur looks on. The two are rather inept lovers and Arthur is somewhat disgusted.

In the end, the story takes a darker turn and mayhem ensues.

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