Seeds of Change: Farmers, Biotechnology, and the New Face of Agriculture

Seeds of Change: Farmers, Biotechnology, and the New Face of Agriculture Movie Poster

This documentary examines genetically modified crops, hearing from all sides - biotech companies like Monsanto, environmental groups like Greenpeace, and those who actually grow the food we eat: the farmers.

Importantly, the video makes explicit connections between rural decline and technology developments that do little to address the plight of farmers across North America and across the rest of the globe.

Along with farmer perspectives, the video also features interviews with representatives from agri-business, with scientists studying GM crops, and with activists like Vandana Shiva, David Suzuki, and Percy Schmeiser.

This film was not publicly released until over three years after its completion (completed in fall 2002). The release was delayed because of efforts by the U of M administration to hide the film from a popular audience.

The administration actively prevented the release of the film through the use of outdated bylaws that gave them 50% control over the footage.

There is no concrete proof as to why this happened, however many have speculated that it was connected to the fact that the film contained elements that were critical of Monsanto, and was to be released at about the same time as a multi-million dollar deal between the U of M and Monsanto was being negotiated to move Monsanto's Canadian headquarters to the U of M campus.

This film's release raised issues of conflict of interest and academic freedom.

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