See How They Dance

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On DVD: October 8, 2013

1h 39m | Drama

Invited to appear on French television to talk about her experiences with her ex-husband Vic, a famous artist who died seven years earlier, Lise ducks out of the studio at the last minute and jumps on a plane. Direction? Canada, where the young videographer starts making a film about a train crossing the vast country. During the trip, the memories of her life with Vic come back to the surface. When the train is forced to stop for an indefinite period, the young French woman finds herself close to the town where Vic found a new life with Alex, an Aboriginal woman doctor. Pretending to have a bad cold that she caught during the trip, she drops in, claiming to need emergency assistance. Without much enthusiasm, Alex takes her in. In contact with her rival, to whom she reveals her identity, Lisa discovers unsuspected facets of Vic’s personality.

Director: Claude Miller
Studio: Les Films Séville
Producer(s): Patrick Godeau
Cast: Marina Hands, James Thiérrée, Maya Sansa, Yves Jacques, Anne-Marie Cadieux, Aubert Pallascio
Writer(s): Claude Miller, Natalie Carter, Roy Parvin

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