Seducing Doctor Lewis

Seducing Doctor Lewis Movie Poster
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On DVD/VOD: June 29, 2004

Comedy, Romance

Germain, a resident of the tiny port village of Sainte-Marie-La-Mauderne, tries to convince a multinational corporation to set up a factory on the outskirts of town. Once a fishing port, Sainte- Marie-La-Mauderne has fallen on hard times and most of its residents are now unemployed.

In order to meet the multinational’s insurance requirements, Germain must persuade a doctor to set up practice in the village. Led by Germain, the 150 villagers do everything in their power to convince a young doctor to settle in the community.

As they come closer and closer to their goal, and acknowledging that, in their relationship with the doctor, they have walked a fine line between persuasion and lying, Germain and the other villagers find themselves having to choose between their factory… and their integrity as a community.

Director: Jean-François Pouliot
Studio: Alliance Atlantis Vivafilm
Producer(s): Luc Vandal, Roger Frappier
Cast: Raymond Bouchard, David Boutin, Pierre Collin, Benoît Brière, Rita Lafontaine, Lucie Laurier
Writer(s): Ken Scott

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