Season Five

Season Five Movie Poster

In a small village, a wedding that has been arranged to reconcile two clans that have been in conflict for generations is abruptly called off by the groom. Karamat (Ali Sarkhani), of the Kamalvandi family, has decided that this gesture of peacemaking is pointless. His bride-to-be, Mehrbanou (Roya Nonahali), of the Jamalvandis, agrees.

Meanwhile, the rivalry of the two clans is heating up as bus drivers, Karamat and Mehrbanou's sheepish brother Jan Ali (Ghorban Nadjafi) end up running competing routes to the big city, occasionally stopping to brawl along the way.

Director: Rafi Pitts
Studio: Kairos
Cast: Roya Nonahali, Ali Sarkhani
Writer(s): Bahram Beyzaie

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