Scarlet Diva

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R | 1h 31m | Drama

At 24, Italian actress Anna Battista is at the height of her success. She decides she would like to direct an autobiographical screenplay called "Scarlet Diva." In Paris, Anna attends a rock 'n' roll concert starring Australian singer Kirk Vaines and immediately falls for him. After the show, they meet and then make love. But in the morning, Kirk leaves the young actress to return to Australia. Soon afterwards, Anna discovers that she’s pregnant, and she tells Kirk that he’s the father the next time they meet. Meanwhile, the actress is almost raped by an American producer in Rome, has a traumatic, delirious hallucination during a photo session in London and has a disappointing meeting with a drug addict screenplay writer, in Amsterdam.

Director: Asia Argento
Producer(s): Claudio Argento, Dario Argento
Cast: Asia Argento, Jean Shepherd, Vera Gemma, Joe Coleman, Herbert Fritsch, Selen , Daria Nicolodi
Writer(s): Asia Argento

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