Rookie Of The Year

Rookie Of The Year Movie Poster
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PG | 1h 43m | Comedy, Family, Sci-Fi/Fantasy

After Henry (Nicholas), a 10-year-old Chicago boy lacking in talent breaks his arm, his hopes of playing baseball in the little league are put on hold. As his arm mends, he finds out that he has a stronger arm for throwing than before he broke it.

When he is completely healed, he attends a Chicago Cubs game. A home run by the opposing team is hit, and, corresponding with the tradition, must be thrown back. Henry ends up throwing the ball back, but he throws it back all the way to home plate on a dead line. Henry is quickly signed by the Cubs and is the biggest phenomenon in major league baseball.

He becomes a rookie pitching sensation, but learns that fame and a major baseball career have its costs.
Director: Daniel Stern
Studio: 20th Century Fox
Producer(s): Robert Harper
Cast: Gary Busey, Albert Hall, Thomas Ian Nicholas
Writer(s): Sam Harper

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