Roming Movie Poster

A studious young Romany man reluctantly joins his father and a rabble-rousing family friend on a road trip to visit the wife the young man had been promised to years before in director Jiri Vejdelek's free-wheeling road movie. Jura (Holub Vitezslav) is a well-dressed student who places his education above all else.

One day, seemingly out of the blue, Jura's mustachioed, fedora-wearing father Roman (Marian Labuda) invites his son to jump into a ramshackle truck and join him on a trip from Northern Bohemia to Slovakia.

But there's a catch: when Jura was just a child, Roman and his best friend Stano (Bolek Polivka) arranged the boy to be married to a specific woman when he was old enough to wed. Now that day has come, and the three load up the truck and start down the road that will lead to Jura's destiny.

But it's not going to be an easy ride, because there's plenty that can go wrong on the road to Slovakia, and Stano's penchant for attracting trouble is well known by both of his traveling companions.

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