Roller Town

Roller Town Movie Poster

Leo's (Mark Little) father was known around town for running Roller Town, the local roller skating rink. When Leo was just a boy, his father was murdered by gangsters, leaving him an orphan.

Never having learned to walk, Leo now roller skates everywhere and dreams of going to a classical roller skating academy, like many of the other kids in town. He's considered a hero of sorts in this roller skating-obsessed town and often has girls swooning over him, except for the one he wants, Julia, who also happens to be the sister of his rival.

To make matters worse, Mafia gangsters are trying to force the man who now runs Roller Town to turn the rink into a video game arcade, threatening not only the place Leo calls home, but the future of disco roller skating in this small Canadian town.

Director: Andrew Bush
Studio: D Films
Producer(s): Jay Dahl
Cast: Mark Little, Kayla Lorette, Scott Vrooman
Writer(s): Andrew Bush, Mark Little, Scott Vrooman
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