Rock Paper Scissors

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1h 55m | Documentary, Drama

Having left his reserve for a better life in Montreal, Smoky, a young Aboriginal Abitibi, meets a variety of people along the way. First he encounters Norman, who does small jobs for the Chinese underworld. Lorenzo, an old Italian with a low income, needs to make money to fulfill his dying wife’s last wish and becomes involved in an illegal contest without truly knowing what he’s getting into. Vincent, a former doctor who was sued for malpractice, tries to rebuild his life with his wife and their child, but first has to pay off a huge debt to a criminal organization. The destinies of these three men unexpectantly cross one evening.

Director: Yan Lanouette Turgeon
Studio: Filmoption International
Producer(s): Christine Falco
Cast: Roy Dupuis, Remo Girone, Samian , Roger Léger, Frédéric Chau, Fanny Mallette, Marie-Hélène Thibault, Réjean Lefrançois, Louis Champagne
Writer(s): André Gulluni, Yan Lanouette Turgeon
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