Rivers and Tides: Andy Goldsworth Working With Time

Rivers and Tides: Andy Goldsworth Working With Time Movie Poster

Scottish sculptor Andy Goldsworthy creates works in forests, on beaches, in fields or on the surfaces of rivers, using entirely natural materials. However, Goldsworthy allows the elements to have the last say in his beautiful creations, as his ingenious patterns of wood, leaves, stone and ice move and erode over time.

German filmmaker Thomas Riedelsheimer followed the artist for over a year in several outdoor locations, intimately documenting his improvisational process and capturing the serene spectacle of his works and their delicate changes.

Although Goldsworthy's private and often ephemeral pieces have been documented extensively in still photographs, this movie uses the artist's own voice to guide us through his process and help us “…see something you never saw before, that was always there but you were blind to it.”

Director: Thomas Riedelsheimer
Studio: Roxie Releasing
Producer(s): Annedore von Donop
Cast: Andy Goldsworthy
Writer(s): Thomas Riedelsheimer
Official Site: www.roxie.com/rivers.html

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