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Renegades - Official Trailer

9,136 Views | 2:13 | Uploaded on Nov 08, 2016

The official trailer for Renegades begins on an intense note. J.K. Simmons stares down five Navy Seals and shouts, "Do you have any idea the shitstorm you've created?" It's 1995 Sarajevo and J.K. is scolding them over exercising extreme force in a mission that didn't require it. 

As the trailer continues, it's revealed that the five Navy Seals are embarking on a new mission. Rumor has it that during WWII, the Nazis had aims of stealing a wealth of gold from the French, but townspeople flooded a village to stop them from obtaining it. Now that gold, worth $300 million, rests at the bottom of a lake. The Navy Seals want to recover it, despite their planned heist being "a major unauthorized operation" and the gold being "under 150 feet of water, right in the middle of enemy territory."

Wild action sequences, high-octane fight scenes, massive explosions and an ample amount of comedy light up the second half of the trailer.

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