Rare Birds

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On DVD: June 25, 2002

1h 40m | Comedy, Documentary

For years, Dave Purcell (Hurt) has been running The Auk, a haute cuisine restaurant on a tiny Newfoundland inlet, and is ready to call it quits on his marriage and his business. All seems lost until Dave's neighbour, Alphonse Murphy (A. Jones), proposes a mad yet ingenious scheme to save The Auk. Alphonse convinces Dave to fabricate a sighting of a rare bird in the vicinity of the restaurant. The plan is a success and the restaurant is soon crawling with well-heeled gastronomes, vain celebrities and bellicose politicos.

Meanwhile, Alphonse has an agenda of his own, including the salvage of some cocaine and the secret manufacture of a "recreational submarine vehicle", the revelation of which threatens to expose Dave's bird hoax.

Director: Sturla Gunnarsson
Studio: Lions Gate Films
Producer(s): Janet York, Paul Pope
Cast: William Hurt, Andy Jones, Molly Parker, Cathy Jones
Writer(s): Edward Riche

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