Rainbow Troops

Rainbow Troops Movie Poster

One teacher makes a surprising difference in his students and his community in this drama from Indonesian filmmaker Riri Riza. Ikal (Lukman Sardi) was born and raised on Belitong, an island dominated by local mining concerns.

On Belitong, a handful of people have become rich off the island's natural resources while those who work the mines see little of the financial rewards, creating a sharp divide of social and economic class. But Ikal recalls one man who sought to change this -- Muslimah (Cut Mini), a teacher at the island's public school.

In a place where many felt their destiny was determined by their parents' occupations, Muslimah encouraged his students to believe that knowledge could overcome the artificial barriers that come with money and position, and his message had a powerful impact on youthful Ikal (Zulfani) and his pal Lintang (Ferdian). Laskar Pelangi (aka The Rainbow Troops) was an official selection a the 2009 Berlin International Film Festival.

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