Quo Vadis, Baby?

Quo Vadis, Baby? Movie Poster

An unglamorous, antisocial female private detective (Angela Baraldi) works as a marital infidelity specialist for her father’s private investigation company. One day, the hard-drinking detective receives a box of old videotapes of her younger sister, an aspiring actress who committed suicide 16 years before. Watching them, the detective begins to suspect that her sister may not have killed herself at all: she may have been murdered.

Based on a novel by Grazia Verasani.
Director: Gabriele Salvatores
Studio: Capri Releasing
Producer(s): Maurizio Totti
Cast: Gigio Alberti, Angela Baraldi, Elio Germano, Claudia Zanella
Writer(s): Gabriele Salvatores,Fabio Scamoni

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