Quest for A Heart (Rollin sydan)

Quest for A Heart (Rollin sydan) Movie Poster

When the most mischievous resident of Rolli Village befriends a beautiful elf girl, the hopelessly mismatched pair embarks on a magical adventure to save the Forest of Elves by traveling to the Land of Winter and recovering the mythical magical heart in this animated tale of wonder for the entire family.

Rolli is a cherubic anti-hero who hates to bathe, loathes kisses, and always strives to do the wrong thing. Millie is an ethereal sprite who loves the smell of flowers, appreciates the beauty of nature, and treasures the peacefulness of a summer day.

When these two vastly different characters first meet, it initially appears that they have nothing in common. All of that soon changes, however, when a powerful force begins destroying the Forest of the Elves.

Sure Rolli may be a gruff little creature, but he would never leave a friend in need, and when the pair learns of a magical heart that could possess the power to save the Forest of Elves, they set out towards the Land of Winter on the adventure of a lifetime.

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