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A young man grieving the death of a loved one turns to the best friend he hasn't seen in three long years, only to find that sometimes people change in ways you could never expect in this contemporary gothic tragedy from director Zack Parker. Derik is devastated.

After losing one of the people he cared about most in this world, he has no one to turn to but his old friend Jason. Back in school, Derik and Jason were the best of friends, but it's been three years since Jason left for college and they haven't seen or spoken to one another since.

The moment they are reunited, Derik begins to sense that Jason has changed; his appearance is dramatically different, and he has also become part of a group that he casually refers to as his Family. The deeper Derik ventures into Jason's new world, the more he realizes that his old friend has gotten involved with something truly sinister.

Now, as Derik crouches furtively in the loft of an old barn, a dark ritual begins to unfold on the ground below. Is there still time for Derik to make a clean break, or has he already seen so much that there's no going back?

Director: Zack Parker

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