Prom Wars

Prom Wars Movie Poster

When sharp-witted high school knockout Diana Riggs (Alia Shawkat) comes to the realization that she is either being taken for granted, objectified or disrespected by the boys in her life—notably Percy Collins (Ricky Ullman), her soon to be ex-boyfriend, as well as his personal nemesis, the uber-rish Geoffrey Atridge—she decides to be ruthlessly proactive in her attempt to turn things around: in the name of all high school girls who've had to suffer the unacceptable injustices instigated by teenage boys, she calls upon her team of gorgeous prefects at Miss Aversham and Miss Cronstall's School for Girls and provokes a war between Selby private school for boys and their Lancaster College rivals.

The winner in a series of athletic and academic competitions will be awarded exclusive rights to the girls as prom dates. While Percy is the lone voice against the competition, all other contenders—nerds and jocks—are pumped to go head to head.

Director: Phil Price
Producer(s): Brandi-Ann Milbradt
Cast: Alia Shawkat, Ricky Ullman, Rachelle Lefevre, Nicolas Wright, Chad Connell
Writer(s): Myles Hainsworth
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