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User review rating: 5 December 15, 2016

Wonderful cast, Creative camerawork, flowless acting, creative script, excellent Directing, pretty good ending; leaves one satisfied but wanting a sequel.

User review rating: 4 August 17, 2015

Not bad at all despite the fact that it is always through second hand camera, a but annoying to watch but interesting enough to watch it all.

User review rating: 4 July 26, 2015

Was a really good movie. The cast was great! I wish the movie didn't totally depend on teenagers holding a digital camera though, but I understand it was going for nitty gritty and playing up the low budget trend to use cameras that are not the industry standard. Why people think movies are too "long" always surprises me though.....

User review rating: 2 June 28, 2015

Was okay! Not a big movie but kept me busy while on a flight

User review rating: 0 May 24, 2015

I loved this movie. It was cool that they did travel back in time but things got bad so the teen started to relive his life. that's how time travel works. If you screw something up it messes with the universe like Back to the Future. a paradox. What if you could change the past to make the future better? But you messed up a few things until you realize to do it all over.

User review rating: 3 February 16, 2015

Too long

User review rating: 3 February 10, 2015

The reviews I've read online weren't favourable but I don't pay attention to them much. I walked out of the theatre nicely wasn't as horrible as the trailers made it look! Decent story, not bad acting...but oh my god the first person camera work is horrendous! My rating of three stars would have been higher if it had been shot differently.

User review rating: 5 February 09, 2015

Had a very realistic story to it, stayed interesting and kinda made you wish time travel was real lol. Overall it was a great movie.

User review rating: 1 February 07, 2015

Great Movie but camera work was horrible. Who ever thought first person camera shooting was a good idea should be flogged. Like all the others shot this way it is very hard to watch. Too bad because the movie story was excellent.

User review rating: 5 February 06, 2015

This movie kicks all kinds of butt! There's something for everyone!

User review rating: 1 February 05, 2015

This is a terrible, low budget movie. People walked out about half way through the movie. I would not recommend it to anyone.

User review rating: 0 February 04, 2015

This could have been a kick ass movie. Too bad it was shot with phone cameras. I had to close my eyes a third of the way into the movie. Made me sick to my stomach. Such a waste of a good story line. There should be a warning something along the lines of "Warning: this movies is shot with cheap ass cameras in the first person. Keep your popcorn in if you can". Two thumbs down. All popcorns out!! I rate this movie -5 out of 5. Boo! !

User review rating: 1 February 04, 2015

interesting teen sci-fi time travel "video" (except the camerawork was nauseatingly jittery, lateral-zip panning to the point of making me dizzy; please, indie/hollywood tone the firstperson vcam visual mess down several notches. I liked the story, and the fx, but it was exhausting to watch, had to constantly look away from the screen. big screensound (AVX) was only choice, added nothing. I'd rate it zero/5 stars; but if camerawork re-edited for better viewability, I'd give it 4/5.

User review rating: 5 January 31, 2015

A great, great movie with a sterling cast.

User review rating: 1 January 30, 2015

Brace yourselves, it's another "found footage" flick...

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