Predictions of Fire (Prerokbe Ognja)

Predictions of Fire (Prerokbe Ognja) Movie Poster

Made in Slovenia by American documentary filmmaker Michael Benson, this documentary offers a thought-provoking look at the history of the recently formed Republic of Slovenia and how it relates to the earlier formation of the controversial NSK (the New Slovenian Arts collective).

The NSK came together in the '80s just before the fall of the Communist party, Yugoslavia broke into several war-torn nations. It was begun by Laibach, a popular industrial rock band and later joined by the Red Pilot theater group and by Irwin, a band of painters.

As collective artists, they used their arts to look back into European history and show the destruction wrought when ideology overshadows humanity. Art plays a subtle but key role in ideological domination. With history as their basis, NSK predicted the eruption of hatred and war that would tear Yugoslavia apart in the '90s.

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