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User review rating: 5 March 01, 2021

This is promoted as a young teen “romance“ film. This is a (deliberate?) misrepresentation since it is a best friends forever young teen story. It is one of the best made, most realistic and touching films I’ve seen in a long time. Charlotte Salisbury is mesmerizing in her performance as a submissive, fragile, naïve and clueless 13-year-old who is forced to open her eyes to the reality of life through her friendship of Kate of the same age who is fearless, daring and lovingly domineering. There is no doubt that the two love each other but there is nothing romantic about it. There are three or four scenes that are involved innocent experimentation where one second long peck on the lips episodes occurred in the film. That was it. To label it as a romance film is ridiculous and an insult to the intent of the great director. Anyone who can watch Porcupine Lake and not FEEL the realities infused throughout the movie a serious stick disconnection between their heart and their soul.

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