Poe: Last Days of the Raven

Poe: Last Days of the Raven Movie Poster

Poe: Last Days of the Raven toured Canada and ended up as a five week run at the Hollywood Court Theatre where it was seen by legends such as Ray Harryhausen (Seventh Voyage of Sinbad) and Forrest Ackerman (Famous Monsters of Movieland). The character driven film paints a psychological portrait of the great American writer by exploring the extraordinary life experiences that shaped his fascinating imagination. By weaving through the ethnography of Poe's dreams and nightmares, particularly the dying moments of himself and his loved ones, a complex plot line of past and present intermingles while Poe hovers near death in his hospital bed.

Director: Brent Fidler
Official Site: www.poelastdaysoftheraven.com

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