Plaisirs inconnus

Plaisirs inconnus Movie Poster

In an industrial town in northern China, Xiao Ji and Bin Bin, two 19-year-old boys, spend their time doing nothing but thinking about their future. Xiao Ji tries to win over a beautiful local pop singer called Qiao Qiao, even though she’s engaged to her cruel and possessive manager. In vain, Bin Bin tries to keep up his relationship with Yuan Yuan, an ambitious student. Rejected by the army because of hepatitis, he borrows money from a gangster to provide for his needs. Disillusioned, with nothing better to do, Xiao Ji and Bin Bin plan to rob a bank with the crazy idea that it will get them out of their doldrums.

Director: Jia Zhang-Ke
Producer(s): Kit Ming Li, Shozo Ichiyama
Cast: Wu Qiong, Zhao Wei, Zhao Tao, Zhou Qing Feng, Bai Ru, Liu Xi An
Writer(s): Jia Zhang-ke

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