Perfume War

Perfume War Movie Poster

While in Afghanistan in 2006 helping villagers get clean water and health care, Captain Trevor Greene of the Canadian Forces was attacked by a member of the Taliban, who put an axe into the soldier's head. He survived, but was told by doctors he would never walk again. Trevor's best friend, Barb Stegemann, decided to help Trevor finish his mission. She learned of an Afghan farmer who was growing crops of orange blossoms and roses to get other farmers to stop growing illegal poppies to be used for the heroin trade, which was the Taliban's chief source of income.

She found out the same people who attacked Trevor were trying to stop the Afghan farmer by knocking over his distillery and decided to travel to Afghanistan to see if she could help. Barb wound up creating The 7 Virtues Beauty Inc., which supports trade with nations experiencing war. She pitched the business model on CBC's Dragons' Den, successfully landing a venture capital deal. She also wrote a self-published book dedicated to Trevor, which became a bestseller. When not working with her company, she spent time with Trevor, helping him to beat the odds.

Director: Michael Melski
Studio: Loud Baby Productions
Producer(s): Mike Velemirovich
Writer(s): Michael Melski, Barb Stegemann
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