Paula's Secret

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1h 35m | Family

A nifty family film, Paula's Secret handles strong stuff within a clever and sometimes humourous tale of a forced alliance between two mismatched classmates.

Paula is a serious-minded 11-year-old whose well-off, well-intentioned parents have little time for her. She retreats into her diary and confesses her love to an imaginary prince. When two Romanian youth forced into a pickpocket ring slash her backpack on the subway, she is deeply disturbed by the loss of the diary. Classmate Tobi, hiding a crush, offers to help get the diary back.

With their parents off on vacation, the two begin an exciting manhunt to track down the thieves. In the end, Paula and Tobi befriend the youth and hatch an elaborate plan to outfox their captor.

Combined, these elements present an important and exciting story about responsibility and standing up to injustice when others might choose to look away.

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