Pater Movie Poster

Filmmaker Alain Cavalier asks actor Vincent Lindon to play a role in his next film. Cavalier is planning to play the President of the French Republic, and the actor, his new prime minister. The alliance between the two politicians is forged around a major bill aimed at improving social justice through the standardization of wages and the establishment of an income ceiling. But soon, the president distances himself from this project, pushing his future prime minister to consider resigning. Exchanges between the two characters are punctuated by discussions of Cavalier and Lindon with team members in front and behind the camera, revealing the thoughts and motivations of each.

Director: Alain Cavalier
Studio: FunFilm
Producer(s): Michel Seydoux
Cast: Vincent Lindon, Alain Cavalier, Bernard Bureau, Jonathan Duong, Hubert-Ange Fumey, Jean-Pierre Lindon

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