Past Is a Foreign Land (Il passato e una terra straniera)

Past Is a Foreign Land (Il passato e una terra straniera) Movie Poster

A fresh-faced law student and a crafty card shark form a volatile friendship based on mutual treachery in Maximum Velocity director Daniele Vicari's adaptation of Gianrico Carofiglio's best-selling novel.

At first, all fast friends Giorgio (Elio Germano) and Francesco (Michele Riondino) were interested in was playing a little poker and making some extra cash, but it didn't take long for greed to take hold and before long the pair had begun their fateful descent down the slippery slope of criminality.

After realizing the profit they could make by rigging the game, the two con artists realized that in order to maintain their lavish lifestyle they would have to get creative. Before long, Giorgio and Francesco were dealing drugs and making a killing.

But the further down the rabbit hole they ventured, the more detached Giorgio grew from his middle-class family and the more unpredictable his partner in crime became. By the time a sinister, more violent side of Francesco's personality began to emerge, it was far too late for turning back.

Director: Daniele Vicari

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