Papa a la chasse aux lagopedes

Papa a la chasse aux lagopedes Movie Poster
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1h 31m | Comedy

Vincent Lemieux, a notoriously successful fraud artist wanted by police, goes ptarmigan hunting in the taiga of northern Quebec as a pretext for skipping the country. Along the way, he shoots a video diary as a means of apologizing to his two young daughters for subjecting them to he ignominy of having a criminal for a father.

A complex character, irreparably corrupt and very endearing, this corporate daddy can both coldly explain the machinations of an economic system founded on contempt and recount the painful experiences of his youth via the extraordinary adventures of the fictional "le p'tit Sicotte" (Li'l Frankie). Over the course of his confessions, Lemieux gets literally bogged down in a struggle that ends up somewhere between true repentance and a clean conscience.

Director: Robert Morin
Studio: Coop Vidéo
Producer(s): André-Line Beauparlant, Stéphanie Morissette
Cast: François Papineau, Georges Aubin, Ben Gibson, Alfred Adderly
Writer(s): Robert Morin
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